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Getting creativity back in business

Advanced Photography Industry Specific courses are specially written for each industry.

This Course is not meant to replace high end professional photography/video but to build a stronger image portfolio of products, services and events, that are too often MISSED opportunities. Your representatives will gain skills in making images/videos, that will appeal to your clients and hopefully,

photography will become an integral part of your business model. It is so important to look good because flowers are just weeds with an advertising budget.

Please use the contact button to register your interest.

Participants should expect to pay $960 inc gst. for the two day

course. (week days Mon-Fri)

This course also includes 2 months of online support to help you get started.

If possible two Company representatives should do the course at the same time (still only $960 for two) as they will retain more information together and always be available to shoot.

This course is intensive and specific, participants should have an interest in photography, advertising and your business.

As this course is Industry Specific, we will need a two to three week lead time to develop your lessons and handbooks.

Equipment can be as simple as a phone or we can advise you of what to purchase.

Classes consist of just your two members. Gourmet Lunch and  Drinks are provided each day.

Classes will take place at the Inscape Studio but may take place at a hall, your office/boardroom or hotel.

After writing the specific lessons, full payment must be made before the course begins. 


Watch Videos from Basic Photography before Day 1.

Day 1.

1. Basic Photography course.

2. Psychology of advertising.(why we do this)

3. Seeing what your customer sees.

Day 2.

1. Educating your customers with photography. People BUY WHAT THEY SEE. (why we're doing this)

2. How to photograph/video your specific product or service.

3. Refining your images

4. Post production.

5. What to do with your images.

Day 3 to Day 60.

Online help, critiquing your images/videos.


Inscape Photography take no responsibility for your transport arrangements or your equipment but ask that you always consider safety as your highest priority.




Any camera is good, a phone will work but maybe you already have a DSLR or Mirrorless equivalent. Bring your camera and/or phone with you and tripod if you have one.

(If you think you need a new camera or any equipment before the course, PLEASE TALK to me first. Just go to the about/contact page to get in touch.)




The course: Advanced Industry Specific  is $960 and is to be paid in full before the course begins.

Fees can be paid in the following methods:

  • Credit card; or

  • Electronic bank transfer



Cancellations must be made by you and be made via email. The Cancellation will take effect on receipt of your notification. If cancelled 30 days or more prior to your booking a full refund is available. (Special circumstances may be considered)


Refunds of any unused portion of your fee payment are available in circumstances whereby we are unable to provide the services for which you have prepaid.

There is no refund of fees for:

1. Any poor and/or nonattendance;

2. You simply changed your mind less than 30 days from your booking;

3. You in any way contributed to the problem.


In the event of us having to cancel a course, without offering any acceptable alternative, then you shall be entitled to a full refund of monies paid and no further liability shall be incurred by us.


If you leave and/or abandon your course before the scheduled termination date and time, for whatever reason, no refund will be given.



When you elect to participate in training with us, you have a responsibility to:

  • Adhere to our policies and procedures;

  • Treat others with respect, fairness and courtesy;

  • Express and share ideas and to ask questions.



All training is delivered in English.


The course is delivered part online and part practical instruction based teaching.

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