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Now I can enjoy photography



Enrolling in this course, is the next step to increase your skills and knowledge in photography/video.

Because your phone is always with you, we will include it and basic video in your lessons. 

Your trainers are industry professionals with a wealth of experience and a fun light hearted style. 

The course, Basic Photography, is fun to do and will run over 2 lessons of 2 hours and

1 of 3 hours with practical sessions included in each and has an all-inclusive cost of $195,

including the lollies for asking questions.

To enrol, just follow the buttons to Course Outline, then Registration and Calendar,

yellow dots are vacancies and red dots are full.

Before each lesson you will be asked to watch a few prerequisite videos.

The classes generally take place at the inscape studio but may from time to time

be in other locations. (e.g.Queens Park Cafe)

Classes are small and should have no more than 6 people in each group.

Course hand books are supplied to each class member.

Images/video from the class will (with approval) appear on ISP Instagram and

Facebook pages and the students gallery.

You are not cut loose after the course, online help is available for two months after you leave.


Refreshments and question time, will run for half an hour after each lesson but

are not a requirement to attend.

Classes generally run Tue 6.00pm to 9.00pm  Thur 6.00pm to 9.00pm  Sat 8am to 11am.

You can expect to learn.

  1. Basic camera skills.(phone photos inc)

  2. Composition and design skills.

  3. How to expose correctly.(phone photos inc)

  4. How to choose lenses, aperture and shutter speed.

  5. The basics of good lighting.

  6. How to tell a story with your camera/video.

  7. What to do with your images.



You need to be 18 years of age or have your legal guardian's signed permission.


Any camera is good, a phone will work but maybe you already have a DSLR or Mirrorless equivalent.

Bring your camera and/or phone with you and tripod if you have one.

(If you think you need a new camera or any equipment before the course, PLEASE TALK to me first.

Just go to the about/contact page to get in touch.)



There are no special entry requirements for undertaking this course, except a passion for making fantastic images.  



The course: Basic Photography is $195 and is to be paid in full before the course begins.

Fees can be paid in the following methods:

  • Credit card; or

  • Electronic bank transfer

Inscape Photography take no responsibility for your transport

arrangements or your equipment but ask that you always consider 

safety as your highest priority.


Inscape photography was established in 1996 and has built a respected name in many fields of photography.

The Inscape School of Photography, ISP, is an extension of that business and comes from a

desire to promote photography as an art form and to make it simple to enjoy.


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