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Paul Coward       


Mob: 0407766226

Open by appointment,

1 Ferrett St,

Sadliers Crossing; Qld, 4305

Inscape Beginnings

Since 1996 Inscape Photography has worked to identify, interpret and communicate client needs through imagery that is tantalising, explicit and unique. This is because Inscape is founded upon two tried-and-tested business traditions: great communication with clients and problem-solving prowess.

​Great images are born in the imagination. Dramatic advances in image-making technologies mean that these days anyone can take a photo: just point and ‘shoot’. Conversely I start with a dream an image that uniquely interprets the client’s needs and then I set about making that dream a reality.   If this means a helicopter ride, or a drone, then that’s what I do. If it means lights on location at the crack of dawn then I do that too. 

At Inscape Photography, it’s not about pressing buttons; it’s about solving the problems that are unique to every individual commission.  Every day brings new problems to solve that’s why Inscape Photography is an exciting place to work.

It is our aim to offer high-quality corporate video and commercial advertising photography that conveys the right message. 

Over the past 15 years or more, I have lived with MS, so you know I'll never run away but maybe a slow amble. The one thing that living with some disability does, is sharpen your mind to problem solving. While it restricts my walking pace, it has opened my mind to think laterally, about everything I do and in a Creative field this is invaluable.

Paul Coward

My life long love of photography began with me stealing my brothers camera and riding around Ipswich during the 1974 flood.

Ipswich state high was fortunate to have a darkroom and photography club so that occupied many lunch hours.

Being a student of the first full time photography course for Qld College of Art now integrated into Griffith University. I had a wonderful education in the  technological and artistic sides of photography. We used many cameras especially large format monorails with full front and back movements.

I  started working at Whitehead studios from 1980 to 1996 when I with Dani Mathewson started Inscape Photography. We gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries of photography often with serendipitous results.

From 1980 to a few years ago I estimate I’ve shot over 1000 weddings, countless family Portraits along with 1000s of commercial shoots. Now Video takes up more and more of my work but stills have a romance that can’t be denied. 

 In 2020 I fulfilled a 9 year quest to start a school of photography, offering three levels of training from just starting to almost professional and a specialist industry specific course so businesses can train staff to never miss an opportunity to convey what they do to the customers through images and video

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