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How to order my Rangers Photos

Take a look through the packages, find the one that best suits you and click the BUY NOW button then follow the prompts.

In address line 1, type your child's name and team at the checkout.

E.g. Thomas  Smith under 7 green. (Photos are delivered to the

club so I don't need your actual address)

order names.jpg

How do I see the individual portrait image of my child?

Go to the client viewing site. see button below

Look for Rangers 2022 folder then go to your child's team E.g. U 7 White 

Each album is password protected which is the team managers first name all uppercase.   E.g. U7 Blue password RUTH

It may take a few days to correct and pick the best shots of your child and put the LoRes proofs up and of course you'll have to know the first name of your team manager.

Click this button,



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